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Technology and Art 15: Computer graphics at Brunel

"The potential that was so evident at the 1968 ICA exhibition is still there, but the actuality has ...



"Increasing numbers of mathematicians and of engineers have joined them [poets, philologists and phi...

Technology and art 8: `The prehistory of the visible'

To read Burnham on vitalist or biomorphic sculpture is to be reminded that there is no apparent corr...

Technology and art 5

The added originality in [Petar] Milojević's technique is that by slight changes to his programming...

Technology and Art 4: SYMBIOTIC ART

Sound and light are not the only media which can be used, and it seems worthwhile to consider such w...

Technology and Art

An artist can acquire such [technical] skills for himself or he can borrow other people's....


The cybernetic sculpture of Tsai Wen-ying

Our attitude today to machinery is such a compound of dependence, admiration and fear; and the relat...

On art and technology

One nice thing about technology is that it can neither be called serious nor the opposite. It just i...

Cybernetic Serendipity—Getting Rid of Preconceptions

Cybernetic Serendipity exhibition was the demonstration of machine-aided creative processes...

Cybernetic Serendipity: Correspondence

Cybernetics includes all observable systems—whether biological, electronic, industrial, economic o...

The Computer and Music: Coordinate Expansion

[Schillinger's views on the mathematical basis of various musical styles were formulated before digi...



The esoteric books and games we are involved with here are those which one cannot do anything with. ...

Computer Art

Computer Art: The computer performs various functions which in the broader sense seem to be acts of ...

No Tension In Machines

Clacking, ticking and now and then breaking down, an exhibition at New York University's Art Gallery...

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