Published  24/07/2012

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Katharina Grosse, Shutter Splinter ( detail), 2021. Photo: Veronica Simpson.

Helsinki Biennial and Helsinki Design Week


Helsinki Biennial and Helsinki Design Week


Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. Photo © Jimmy Ketz.

Gijs Van Vaerenbergh – interview: ‘We are always experimenting with th...

Anna McNay: How long have you been working together as ...

Ibrahim Mahama: Lazarus. White Cube Bermondsey, 15 September – 7 November 2021. © the artist. Photo © White Cube (Todd-White Art Photography).

Ibrahim Mahama: Lazarus


Ibrahim Mahama: Lazarus

Through sculptures, installations and f...

Hans Op de Beeck. Photo: Christophe Vander Eecken, 2014.

Hans Op de Beeck – interview: ‘It’s about suspension of disbelief an...

Anna McNay: Tell me a bit about the idea behind Danse M...

Graham Little. Courtesy: Alison Jacques, London; Photo: Robert Orchardson.

Graham Little – interview: ‘Smallness feels natural to me’

Joe Lloyd: Have the events of the past year-and-a-half affected yo...

Hilda Kortei, Cemetery pot luck, 2021, Acrylic, paper, felt, spray paint, fabric on fabric © the artist, courtesy of Cob Gallery.

Hilda Kortei: Waitless Beyond Blue


Hilda Kortei: Waitless Beyond Blue

Kortei subverts t...

Gustave Moreau, Allegory of Fable 1879. Watercolour and gouache with traces of gold metallic paint. © Private Rothschild Collection / Jean-Yves Lacôte.

Gustave Moreau: The Fables


Gustave Moreau: The Fables

A treasure trove of an exhibition...

Her Dark Materials, screenshot, Eye of the Huntress, 22 June – 22 September 2021.

Her Dark Materials


Her Dark Materials

As the inaugural exhibition on the new art collec...

Hormazd Narielwalla. Photo: Denis Laner.

Hormazd Narielwalla – interview: ‘True, he’s physically not here, bu...

Anna McNay: Diamond Dolls is a limited-edition artist...

Ilana Halperin. Field Studies (from Kilchattan Bay to Hawk's Neb), 2019. Courtesy the artist and Patricia Fleming Gallery, Glasgow. Photo: Keith Hunter.

Ilana Halperin: There Is a Volcano Behind My House


Ilana Halperin: There Is a Volcano Behind My H...

Tate Britain Commission: Heather Phillipson: Rupture No.1: blowtorching the bitten peach 
© Tate photography (Oliver Cowling).

Heather Phillipson: Rupture No 1: Blowtorching the Bitten Peach


Heather Phillipson: Rupture No 1:...

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