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Bertille Bak. Faire le mur, 2008. Video 4:3 stereo, 17 mins, set photography. Production Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains. Courtesy Bretelle Bak / Le Fresnoy

Bertille Bak – interview: ‘The world of art is a territory capable of ...

Allie Biswas: Tell me about the works you are presentin...

Documentation of the making of Assisted Self-Portrait of Kristel Asjoe, from Assembly (2013-2014) by Anthony Luvera.

Anthony Luvera – interview: ‘Photography is a way of telling stories a...

Nicola Homer: In the introduction to the journal, you w...

Heike-Karin Föll, my brain, 2010–19. Installation view (detail), Speed. KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, 2019. Photo: Frank Sperling.

Heike-Karin Föll: Speed


Heike-Karin Föll: Speed

In her first institutional solo show,...

Serpentine Pavilion 2019, designed by Junya Ishigami, Serpentine Gallery, London © Junya Ishigami + Associates, Photo © 2019 Iwan Baan.

Junya Ishigami’s Serpentine Pavilion


Junya Ishigami’s Serpentine Pavilion

Perhaps t...

France-Lise McGurn. Photo: Tate Photography.

France-Lise McGurn – interview: ‘I think I’ve got a certain aestheti...

Christiana Spens: Can you tell me a little about your i...

Ima-Abasi Okon, Infinite Slippage: nonRepugnant Insolvencies T!-a!-r!-r!-y!-i!-n!-g! as Hand Claps of M’s Hard’Loved’Flesh [I’M irreducibly-undone because] —Quantum Leanage-Complex-Dub, 2019. Installation view, Chisenhale Gallery, 2019. Commissioned and produced by Chisenhale Gallery, London. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Andy Keate.

Ima-Abasi Okon

A celebration of human and machine care and craft in the densely pressed, varnished, “leftover” wood particles, ...

Andermatt Concert Hall. Photo © Roland Halbe.

Andermatt Concert Hall


Andermatt Concert Hall

The Andermatt Concert Hall is a world-cla...

Milton Avery. Two Poets, 1963. Oil on canvas, 127 x 152.4 cm (50 x 60 in). Courtesy Victoria Miro, Venice.

Milton Avery: The Late Portraits


Milton Avery: The Late Portraits

Focusing on works don...

Leo Warner, director of 59 Productions.

Leo Warner – interview: ‘If you put the technology first, you can end ...

Veronica Simpson: Invisible Cities has just opened at M...

Alberto Giacometti in his studio, 1960. Photo: Rene Burri/Magnum Photos.

Alberto Giacometti: A Line Through Time


Alberto Giacometti: A Line Through Time

This re...

Issy Wood, All The Rage, installation view, Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, 2019. Photo: Mark Blower.

Issy Wood: All The Rage

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