Published  01/11/1975

Studio International – November/December 1975

Studio International – November/December 1975

Volume 190 Number 978


170  Editorial

171  The Two Avant-Gardes/Peter Wollen

176  English Avant-Garde Film: an Early Chronology/David Curtis

183  Kurt Kren/Malcolm Le Grice

189  Theory and Definition of Structural/Materialist Film/Peter Gidal

197  Return to Reason/Birgit Hein

203  David Dye: Artist/Film-maker/Alan Sheridan

210  Filmy Tales/Annabel Nicolson

211  Experimental Film-making in Holland/Barbara Meter

214  Avant-Garde Film in Austria/Peter Weibel

219  MFV Maureen fishing out of Eyemouth Harbour/Ron Haselden

220  On Expanding Cinema/Deke Dusinberre

225  Review

Editor/Richard Cork
Deputy Editor/John McEwen
Editorial Secretary/Patricia Bailey
Designer/Lyndon Haywood
Advertisement Manager/Martin Rewcastle
Accounts/Lorraine Johnson
Contributing Editors/Frank Whitford,
Tim Hilton
Editorial Advisory Committee:
JP Hodin (International relations)
Alan Bowness, David Thompson,
Joseph Rykwert, John Golding

Publishers/Michael Spens, D Thomas Bergen (USA)

Studio International, November/December 1975, Volume 190 Number 978.

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