Published  01/09/1975

Studio International – September/October 1975

Studio International – September/October 1975

Volume 190 Number 977


90 Editorial

91  Ornament is No Crime/Joseph Rykwert

98  De Stijl: Abstraction or Architecture?/Gillian Naylor

103  Painting for the Corbusian Home/Christopher Green

108  Trompe L’Oeil Counterfeit/Charles Jencks

115  Artspaces/Germano Celant

124  Notes on Work and Installation, 1967-75/Daniel Buren

130  Space as Praxis/Roselee Goldberg

136  Questions of Space/Bernard Tschumi

143  Architecture/Video Projects/Dan Graham

147  Review

Editor/Richard Cork
Deputy Editor/John McEwen
Editorial Secretary/Patricia Bailey
Designer/Lyndon Haywood
Advertisement Manager/Martin Rewcastle
Accounts/Lorraine Johnson
Contributing Editors/Frank Whitford,
Tim Hilton, John Elderfield
Editorial Advisory Committee:
JP Hodin (International relations)
Alan Bowness, David Thompson,
Joseph Rykwert, John Golding

Publishers/Michael Spens, D Thomas Bergen (USA)

Studio International, September/October 1975, Volume 190 Number 977. Cover: Sol LeWitt's Lines from the centre of the red ceiling to various points, 1975, Samangallery, Genoa.

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