Published  03/08/2018

Cui Xiuwen (1967-2018)

Cui Xiuwen (1967-2018)

Cui Xiuwen, one of the most important avant-garde artists from China, passed away yesterday, leaving behind a unique collection of artworks devoted to life. She was selfless and worked hard for the benefit of humanity  

Millions of people experienced and were touched by her work. Nothing stayed the same in her work: she always had new ideas, new dimensions, new perspectives. She was a fantastic artist, full of talent and heart, a wonderful lady.

I was honoured and fortunate to have worked, two years ago, on her largest exhibition, which she called “my dream”, and which we titled “Angel’s Light” or “Light”. She said to me, and I agreed, that “all the stars aligned for us to meet, to work together and to create something no one ever imagined. Your name is Angel and I have been working on angels my whole life.” The exhibition was about human existence – it dealt with our body, our heart, our spirit and fate.

My friend, you will always be in my heart and soul, and I will miss you for ever. I only wish you had lived a bit longer.

Miguel Angel Benavides

Cui Xiuwen is part of my current group show “Intersection: International Art and Culture” at the Arthur M Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University.

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