Published  31/08/2006

Sibling Studios

The architect Richard Rogers has developed a project for three 'pavilion style' houses in Wimbledon. The three are all for members of one family, who grew up on site, and are now demolishing their old house, a kind of family commune. On account of the sloping site, Rogers had maintained flat roofs, to leave the views out from the site unobstructed. It is estimated by Knight Frank locally, that the pavilions could be worth up to 15 millions. Construction is expected to begin in 2007. Rogers designed an earlier house nearby, for his own parents, in 1969, but despite this success his practice has not much included private house work. The new houses, on Home Park Road, Wimbledon, will be of modern materials. The strong stonework of the lower level will incarcerate the childhood memories of the lucky siblings, releasing them upstairs to the views over the all England Lawn Tennis Club. Each top level will read like a pavilion.

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