Published  24/07/2012

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Harold Offeh. Covers Live, Performance at P! Gallery, NYC, 2019. Photo: Suzanne Mooney.

Harold Offeh – interview: ‘I am always asking: who is not part of the ...

Veronica Simpson: I was so pleased when you were announ...

Portrait of Peter Kennard in his studio with Untitled 6 (2020), 2020. Photo: Jenny Matthews. Courtesy the artist and Richard Saltoun Gallery.

Peter Kennard – interview: ‘Montage is about allowing people to think ...

JOE LLOYD: You began as a painter. What were you earlie...

Magali Reus, Harlequin Darts, 2016. Acquired through a partnership between the Contemporary Art Society, Henry Moore Foundation and Cathy Wills, 2019. Photo: Lewis Ronald (Plastiques).

Vision & Reality: 100 Years of Contemporary Art in Wakefield


Vision & Reality: 100 Years of C...

Eleanor May Watson. © the artist.

Eleanor May Watson – interview: ‘Home is a sanctuary, but also a reall...

Emily Spicer: Can you tell me about your 2017 exhibitio...

Sadie Morgan. Photo: Jim Stephenson.

Sadie Morgan – interview: ‘When you’re part of a community, architec...

Veronica Simpson: You have said that when the three fou...

Crystal Fischetti speaking to Studio International via Zoom about her exhibition Hello Again! at Grove Square Galleries, London, 2021.

Crystal Fischetti – interview: ‘I use my whole body when I paint’


Crystal Fischetti – int...

Grief and Grievance: Art and Mourning in America, published by Phaidon/New Museum, New York.

Grief and Grievance: Art and Mourning in America – book review


Grief and Grievance: Art and Mou...

Prabhakar Pachpute. Image courtesy the artist.

Prabhakar Pachpute – interview: ‘I juxtapose memories and what is happ...

Anna McNay: You were born in the Indian state of Mahara...

Robert Mapplethorpe, Tulip, 1984. © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Used by permission.

Unearthed: Photography’s Roots


Unearthed: Photography’s Roots

The first major exhib...

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