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Sean Edwards talking to Studio International at the opening of Undo Things Done at the Venice Biennale 2019. Photo: Martin Kennedy.

Sean Edwards: Undo Things Done – Venice Biennale 2019


Sean Edwards: Undo Things Done – Venice...

Works by Ragen Moss, installation view, Whitney Biennial 2019. Photo: Jill Spalding.

Whitney Biennial 2019


Whitney Biennial 2019

Edition 2019 looks great, goes wide and spe...

Casey Reas. © the artist.

Casey Reas – interview: ‘There is an increased understanding that soft...

Caroline Menezes: How does the new work presented in yo...

Michelle Dizon,The Archive’s Fold, Mother in Rio Grande, Cotabato City, c1958.

Motions of This Kind: Propositions and Problems of Belatedness


Motions of This Kind: Propositions...

Orson Welles. Photo: Getty Images.

Orson Welles: the graphic artist

1. Orson Welles – Alessandro Tasca di Cutò Papers (1947-1995), Univer...

Olivia Erlanger, installation at And Now, Frieze New York 2019.  Photograph courtesy Frieze.

Frieze New York 2019


Frieze New York 2019

This year’s fair demonstrated a more open-e...

Michael Takeo Magruder with Drew Baker (3D visualisation & programming), Imaginary Cities — NYC (11062471656), 2019. Real-time virtual environment (Unity3D) with soundscape (Flash), infinite duration. Photo: David Steele © Michael Takeo Magruder.

Imaginary Cities


Imaginary Cities

The digital artist Michael Takeo Magruder transforms ...

Victor Wong and A.I. Gemini. Image courtesy of 3812 London Gallery.

Victor Wong – interview: ‘The human is inspired by the machine and the...

Emily Spicer: Does Gemini have any sense of what looks ...

Nye Thompson: CKRBT, installation view, Watermans Art Centre, London, 2019. Photo: Geoff Titley.

Nye Thompson – interview: ‘The bots are actually the primary audience ...

Anna McNay: We are standing in CKRBT [pronounced see-ke...

Joanna Piotrowska. Untitled, 2015. Originally commissioned through the Jerwood and Photoworks Awards 2015. Courtesy Southard Reid.

Joanna Piotrowska: All Our False Devices


Joanna Piotrowska: All Our False Devices

In th...

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