Published  12/03/2002

Morgan more

Morgan more

Mindful of the recent death of the French artist Balthus, it is timely to find (from this month through 21 May) amidst the exhibition ‘Pierre Matisse and his Artists’, the portrait by Balthus of Henri Matisse in the Morgan Library, itself the recipient of the archive of the dealer, son of the painter. This excellent show is curated by Jennifer Tonkovitch. Matisse, who came to New York in 1924, establishing his own gallery in 1931, acted for both Dubuffet and Miro, and exhibited Chagall, Giacometti, Miro, Tanguy as well as his father’s work and that of Rouault. The Pierre Matisse and Maria-Gaetana Foundation, and the Florence Gould foundation have given key support to the exhibition.

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