Published  21/07/2012

Miguel Angel Benavides

Miguel Angel Benavides

Works by Miguel Angel Benavides are currently on show at the Limner Gallery, Manhattan. Benavides is originally from Ecuador but settled in New York City at a young age. There are strongly European resonances from the 20th century in such works as ‘Peekaboo’ which prompt the thought that this New York painter/sculptor subsumes in his work some kind of genetic and historical memory of other, older cultures. In New York, Benavides' own formal language seems redolent with these atavistic impulses in its dramatic combination of colour and form, live and inert, with the spirit of Latin carnival: perhaps conjoining Orpheus and Eurydice. These are profoundly serious paintings, and yet they reveal both pathos and humour combined. A sense of tragic loss and ultimate fate, as for Orpheus, seems to echo in these images of life and death.

The exhibition opens 19th March through 29th March 2003.

Limner Gallery 870 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY10001. Tel: (+1)212 725 0999.

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