Published  17/06/2014

Marina Abramović: interview

Marina Abramović: interview

In 2010, Marina Abramović took over MOMA in New York for a 736 hour and 30 minute long performance, The Artist is Present, during which time visitors could sit opposite her, meeting her gaze and feeling her energy.

For her new performance at London’s Serpentine Gallery, Abramović is taking things one step further, removing the chairs, and simply wandering around among the 160 capacity audience, sometimes touching, sometimes interacting, for a duration of 512 hours.

We spoke to her ahead of the opening about why, for her, presence is so important, what she expects from this long durational performance, and why it leaves her feeling even more vulnerable than her early 1970s Rhythm works.

512 Hours
Serpentine Gallery, London
9 June 2014

Interview by Anna McNay
Filmed by Martin Kennedy

Marina Abramović, 512 Hours, will run at the Serpentine Gallery until 25 August 2014. Entry is free, but on a first-come, first-served basis.

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