Published  28/04/2008

Choreographing Cranach

Artist Douglas Gordon has been on record recently as enthusing over the paintings of Lucas Cranach, no less (now on show at the Royal Academy). Following last year's 'Adam & Eve' at the Courtauld, Gordon became increasingly taken with Luther's playmate. Now he is considering pursuing art historical research into the Reformation at St Andrews University, and sings the praises of Cranach's superb portrait of Luther hanging in Berlin. Memories are still strong of Gordon's remarkable film portrait in 2006 of the French footballer Zinedine Zidane - how long before Zidane is choreographed by Gordon into the main space at Tate Modern? Not much talked of these days is Adolf Hitler's admiration for Cranach: he indeed may have been the owner of the National Gallery's 'Cupid Complaining to Venus'. How this painting came to be at the National Gallery has to be another story, maybe one for art student Gordon to explore.

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