Published  08/07/2003

Blowing open the turbine hall (soon): foretaste from Eliasson

In the Danish national pavilion, Olafur Eliasson ('The Blind Pavilion') provides a welcome series of optical variations that are polarised in orange light using kaleidoscopes and a multi-faceted array internally. If this offers a foretaste of the artist's repertoire in advance of his exhibition, planned for next autumn, in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern (as part of the Unilever Turbine project), then it will be well worth a visit. Eliasson could really make that megaspace, which has defeated so many, come to life. 'The Blind Pavilion' consists of an inner space and an outer space. The qualities of materials, as transformed by light internally, or the environment (of the Giardini) externally, prove that blindness leaves one speechless while the poetics sing for themselves.

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