Published  05/07/2006

Tate Modern movement

Still in the folds of the Tate, there was a minor tantrum in some areas of the critical mass when it became clear in May that the Tate had agreed to exhibit 150 works from the collection of the corporate UBS, who are major sponsors. This apparently breaks some ancient ruling that this idea is in breach of the Tate's own code of practice where private collections are concerned. UBS, of course, realises that such an exhibition would sharply increase the value of its collection. However, some 40 of the UBS photographs were included in the much-vaunted Tate Modern rehang financed by UBS to the tune of £1 million or so. A spokesman for UBS is on record as saying that the company does not have any influence in such a decision and that it is up to the Tate. Brian Sewell, renowned critic at the Evening Standard and back from his very original 'TV grand tour', is on record as saying that the UBS/Tate arrangements should be likened to the 'cash for honours' scandal, which erupted at the 'Houses of Parliament' across the river so recently - and is still running.

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