Published  01/10/1965

Studio International – October 1965

Studio International – October 1965

Volume 170 Number 870


135  Editorial

136  The Dynamic of Brazil. The VIII Bienal of São Paulo /G. S. Whittet

144  Lord Haig/T. Elder Dickson

148  Gisiger, Sculptor in Steel/R. V. Gindertael

152  Collecting contemporary art/Willhelm Hack

160  Russel Drysdale/John Russel

164  Stephen Gilbert/Charles S. Spencer

168  Farewell to flat. Goodbye to square. London Commentary/G.S. Whittet

172  Paris Commentary/Alexander Watt

175  New Books


Editor/G. S. Whittet
Art Editor/David Pelham
Advertisement Manager/Michael Kinloch
European Artistic Director/Georges Salmann, Paris
Managing Director/Marcus Morris
Advertisement Director/Jack Blanche
Circulation Director/Allan Boddy

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