Published  01/03/1967

Studio International – March 1967

Studio International – March 1967

Volume 173 Number 887


114  Comment: Patronage and patrons/Jasia Reichardt

116  How other European countries help the arts/Mark Glazebrook

117  Fine art and industrial design – the danger of an educational apartheid/Christopher Cornford

118  The Tate Gallery report/Ian Dunlop

119  Correspondence

121  The all-round view/C. H. Waddington

128  A conversation with René Magritte/Suzi Gablik

132  Bridget Riley interviewed/David Sylvester

136  David Bamberg: an artist as teacher/Cliff Holden

144  The unknown Grosz/Joshua Kind

146  The London shows. London commentary/Edward Lucie-Smith

150  Tess Jaray’s mural for Expo ’67/Gene Baro

152  It’s a big country. New York commentary/Dore Ashton

156  On exhibition: a selection from current and forthcoming exhibitions

162  Art prices current/George Savage

Editor/Peter Townsend
Advertising & Publicity Manager/Benson Zonena
Art Editor/Michael Young
Contributing Editors/Dore Ashton (New York),
Jean Clay (Paris), Frank Whitford (London)

Editorial Advisory Committee/J. P. Hodin (International relations),
Alan Bowness, Andrew Forge, David Thompson

International Advisory Panel:
Austria: Dr Werner Hofmann
Argentina: Jorge Romero Brest
Belgium: Michel Seuphor
Brazil: Mario Pedrosa
France: Jacques Lassaigne
Germany: Dr Werner Schmalenbach
Holland: Prof. A. M. Hammacher
Israel: Haim Gamzu
Italy: Prof. G. C. Argan
Japan: Shuzo Takiguchi
Scandinavia: Reidar Revold
Spain: Alejandro Cirici-Pellicer
Switzerland: Dr Carola Giedeon-Welcker
U.S.A.: Thomas Messer, J. J. Sweeney
Yugoslavia: Aleksa Celebonovic

Studio International, March 1967, Volume 173 Number 887. Cover image: Bridget Riley. Descent, 1965-6. Emulsion on bord, 36 x 36 in.

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