Published  09/02/2007

No Hanging Problems at Rock

Daniel Libeskind is quoted as being truly inspired by his erstwhile first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains as he first jetted into Denver, Colorado, to design the Denver Art Museum. The completed building does epitomise those rocks on Denver's flattened site, resembling a stray clutch of meteorites. There is, it seems, some local concern about the difficulty of actually placing and hanging the exhibits in this mind-blowing new complex. The Jewish Museum in Berlin gave its curatorial team the same concerns; however, this did not prevent unprecedented crowds of thousands stretching in long queues along the street, waiting to gain entry. No, Daniel, you have actually got it right at Denver, too; like the Berliners they will truly thank you. The crowds are lining up. Somehow, the exhibits will adapt to the spaces, as exhibits always do. It's just a question of curatorial talent.

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