Published  12/09/2017

Jonathan Wright: Fleet on Foot

Jonathan Wright: Fleet on Foot

Local artist Jonathan Wright delved deep into local narratives to devise his tribute to the local fishing community, Fleet on Foot. Studio International discusses the origins of this celebration of the town's remaining fishing fleet

As one of three artists exhibiting again this time (Alex Hartley and Diane Dever, who has run the Folkestone Fringe for many years, are the others), Wright was inspired by the golden posts that mark the waterside perimeter of St Mark’s Square in Venice, paying tribute to that city’s once-great naval fleet. Along the high street, he has placed gold-plated 3D replicas of the last 10 fishing boats that sail regularly out of Folkestone harbour. Fifty years ago, says Wright, “there used to be 100”.

Jonathan Wright: Fleet on Foot
Folkestone Triennial 2017
2 September – 5 November 2017


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