Published  25/09/2003

Jon Schueler\'s sky

From Mallaig, the late Jon Schueler used to captivate Edinburgh. A wartime sky observed from the turret of a B-17 Flying Fortress, enhanced his knowledge of the many moods of the Isle of Skye, observed distantly, painted movingly. He exhibited enough in his adopted Scotland in the 1980s, to consolidate a private yet expressionist career as a painter of the elements, sought out between Mallaig and Manhattan. It was possible, in the early 1980s, to dine with Jon and Magda, his beloved partner, in their Manhattan loft, and the traffic sound below would seem to be the sound of sea on shingle beach, as if it could only be the Hebridean swell.

(Jon Schueler: To the North, City Art Centre, Edinburgh until 27 September 2003)

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