Published  09/05/2002

Hirst afforestation


In a studio in the Cotswolds, close to Stroud, a megawork is gestating. A massive cube of empty carbon dioxide canisters is being put together. Damien Hirst has chosen to represent his personal emission of the gas. The completed work will help promote Future Forests, the environmental company which has teamed up with the Sunday Times to establish some 100,000 trees in six locations around the United Kingdom. The work will take the form of stacks three cylinders tall, formed as a cube, within blue metal cages/frames. Other supporters of the venture have been such companies as Fiat, Avis, and Mazda. The Sunday Times is planting at least 5,000 trees. Contributions of 7 each, please, to the Sunday Times, which will ensure that one tree is planted per 7 received. Contributors will join a host of celebs, including Kylie Minogue, Sting, Pink Floyd as well as Hirst.

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