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The death of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi was not a surprise: the survival of his massive physique defeated all prognostications as he continued in a cognitive, silent, almost robotic mode for months following his initial stroke. And yet, it seemed he might continue in this state ad infinitum. Now he has gone - leaving his three devoted daughters, his sister in Edinburgh, and many with whom he had been close to ponder his departure. At the funeral service on 13 May, at the West London Crematorium in Kensal Green there were many old friends of three or four decades, as well as, understandably enough, many latter day friends and admirers. Sandy Wilson gave a poignant reminiscence, as did David Queensberry, and David Hare and Christopher Frayling spoke about more recent times. There were also many notable absentees, such as the author JG Ballard. The music that was played represented the diversity that Eduardo sought in life: Duke Ellington's 'Creole Love Call', 'Gloria' by Poulenc, Stravinsky's Ebony Concerto, and Ravel's 'L'enfant et le Sortilege'. After the blessing by the Reverend Oliver Ross, a composition of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappeli ended the service. The music was compiled by Paddy Bade.

Studio International will include a full obituary in July.

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