Published  26/04/2016

Beatrice Gibson: interview, Art Sheffield 2016

Beatrice Gibson: interview, Art Sheffield 2016

London-based artist Beatrice Gibson’s film F for Fibonacci, at Bloc Projects, evokes the chaos of contemporary capitalist economics via a child’s Minecraft fantasy, contrasting the simplicity of the child’s-eye view with the grotesque and sometimes surreal aspirations and machinations of global finance.

F for Fibonacci is one of a series of films Gibson has made, inspired by William Gaddis’s epic 1975 capitalist satire JR. The novel follows an 11-year-old boy who creates a vast financial empire, with the help of his school’s resident composer. This film is structured around a conversation between Gibson and a real 11-year-old, Clay Barnard Chodzko, as he escorts her around his own Minecraft fantasy playground, built for his imaginary billionaire, Mr Money.

Beatrice Gibson
F for Fibonacci
Bloc Projects, 71 Eyre Lane, Sheffield
16 April – 8 May 2016


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