Published  01/11/1970

Studio International – November 1970

Studio International – November 1970

Volume 180 Number 927


164  Art and politics in the Russian revolution – part I/Andrew Higgens

167  Coldstream 1970/Norbert Lynton

168  Correspondence

169  News and notes

169  Technology and art – 19: Kinetics at the Hayward/Jonathan Benthall

171  The Art Workers’ Coalition: not a history/Lucy R. Lippard

175  Carl Andre: artworker/in an interview with Jeanne Siegel

180  Dissenting ideologies and the German revolution/John Elderfield

188  Gene Davis and the issue of complexity/Donald Wall

192  Paintings by John Hubbard/Bryan Robertson

194  ‘A very abstract context’/Charles Harrison

199  Art from Africa and Oceania

200  U.S. commentary/Dore Ashton

203  Inn7o – APG

207  Supplement: new and recent art books/Reviews by Alan Bowness, Andrew Forge, Donald J. Gordon, Andrew Higgens, Timothy Hilton, Edward Lucie-Smith, Jeremy Maas, Joseph Masheck, Barbara Reise, Deborah Stott, William Townsend7

Editor/Peter Townsend
Assistant Editor/Charles Harrison
Consultant Manager/Elizabeth Deighton
Art Editor/Malcolm Lauder
Advertising Manager/Thelma Watt
Contributing Editors/Dore Ashton (New York),
Jean Clay (Paris), Frank Whitford, Barbara Reise

Editorial Advisory Committee:
J.P. Hodin (International relations)
Alan Bowness, Andrew Forge, David Thompson

International Advisory Panel:
Argentina: Jorge Romero Brest
Austria: Georg Eisler
Belgium: Michael Seuphor
Brazil: Mario Pedrosa
Canada: David Silcox
France: Jacques Lassaigne
Germany: Dr Werner Schmalenbach
Holland: Prof. A. M. Hammacher
Israel: Haim Gamzu
Italy: Prof. G. C. Argan
Japan: Shuzo Takiguchi
Scandinavia: Leif Ostby
Spain: Alejandro Cirici-Pellicer
Switzerland: Dr Carola Giedion-Welcker
U.S.A.: Thomas M. Messer, J.J. Sweeney
Yugoslavia: Aleksa Celebonovic

Studio International, 1970, November 1970, Volume 180 Number 927. Cover image. Members of the Art Workers' Coalition protesting in front of Picasso's Guernica in New York. Photo: Jan van Raay.

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