Published  01/12/1972

Studio International – December 1972

Studio International – December 1972

Volume 184 Number 950


210  From the city pages/Gustav Metzger

212  You’re the tops/Frank Whitford

212  Tape and track/Malcolm Le Grice

213  Feedback/Clive Phillpot

214  News and notes

215  Correspondence

217  Jackson Pollock: a symbolic self-portrait/David Freke

222  Rodin: the language of sculpture 1/William Tucker

226  The Beuys Affair: Calendar of events/Lynda Morris

226  The Beuys Affair: Not just a few are called, but everyone/Joseph Beuys

228  The Beuys Affair: The Beuys example/Georg Jappe

230  Notes on an exposition of cornered installations in fluorescent light by Dan Flavin set to celebrate ten years of the Albright-Knox/James N. Wood

233  A personal use of projected and transmitted imagery 1963-72/Ian Breakwell

237  UK commentary: notes on 3 exhibitions/Tim Hilton

239  Concepts and their realization/Mordechai Omer

241  Horia Damian/an interview by Radu Varia

245  Islamic carpets/Keith Albarn

248  Print supplement: Contrasts – English and American art students/Michael Rothenstein

250  Made in Japan/Bud Shark

251  Recent issues of prints

253  Directory of publishers, presses and galleries dealing in graphics

Editor/Peter Townsend
Managing Director/Brian Rushton
Assistant Editor/John McEwen
Assistant Editor (Production)/Irena Oliver
Editorial Secretary/Zabelle Stenton
Art Director/ Marcus Ratliff
Advertisement Manager/Martin Rewcastle
Advertisement Consultant/Thelma Watt
Contributing Editors/Dore Ashton (New York),
Jean Clay (Paris), Frank Whitford, Barbara Reise,
Charles Harrison, Tim Hilton

Editorial Advisory Committee:
J.P. Hodin (International relations)
Alan Bowness, Andrew Forge, David Thompson,
Joseph Rykwert

Publishers/Michael Spens, D. Thomas Bergen (USA)

Studio International, 1972, December 1972, Volume 184 Number 950. Cover specially designed for this issue by Tadanori Yokoo.

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