Published  12/03/2002

Moses returns

Moses returns

At Galerie St Etienne, New York through 16 March (24 West 57th Street) there is a tribute to Grandma Moses. Otto Kallir gave the redoubtable Anna Mary Robertson Moses her first one-person show in 1940. This show relates to a current travelling exhibition through seven city museums. Arguably the American equivalent of the British-Cornish painter Alfred Wallis, it will be interesting to see the effect on prices, currently up to $150,000. Even more interesting, given its present American preoccupation, could Tate Britain go for it as they have done the all-American Sublime show (see separate review here)? Or, combine ‘Grandma’ with Wallis in a homespun duet? The pulse races. Tate Britain has a wide parish in Dubya days. Go for it.

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