Published  05/08/2018

Bao Pei, interview

Bao Pei, interview

Intersection: International Art and Culture
Arthur M Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University, Beijing
27 May – 27 August 2018

Bao Pei uses ink and paper in the tradition of Chinese ink painting, but makes her work abstract, and uses knives instead of brushes because she believes the delivery of the ink, the markings, are more forceful that way, conveying greater emotional depth and range

She talks about the void in her work as a visualisation of space-time and existential in content. An empty chair in one of her paintings might symbolise that which has yet to occur as well as that which has already past, she says, a metaphor for the human condition as one of perpetual change, of constant becoming, being. She also seems to say that something is gained but more certainly, something is lost.

Interview by LILLY WEI








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