Published  10/07/2005

Arte Povera

Arte Povera

At the Castello di Rivola, Turin, it is currently possible to see a celebration of Arte Povera well before it reaches Tate Modern in just over two months’ time. Entitled ‘Zero to Infinity: Arte Povera l962–l972’, this exhibition has all the makings of a historical retrospective. The stars of the movement include Kounnellis, Gilardi, Pascali, Boetti, Pistoletto, Calzolari, Pernone, Mario Merz, Zorio, and Paolini. Meanwhile, Giovanni Anselmo is showing an installation at the Villa Medici, Rome, entitled ‘Il panorama verso oltremare dove le stelle si Avvicinano di una spanna in piu mentre il colore solleva la pietra’ (through 28 May). It remains to be seen whether the installation of Arte Povera at Tate Modern can again encapsulate the essential vitality and diversity of the original movement, having all things in its favour where space is concerned. Watch this space.

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