Published  05/11/2001

John Berger returns

John Berger returns

John Berger has made a very welcome return to print in London this autumn, and his presence is well felt. In Modern Painters (Autumn Issue) Berger interviews Maggi Hambling about her drawings, bereavement, nakedness and likeness. He has also written a moving preface to the new book of her portrait drawings, Maggi and Henrietta, drawings by Maggi Hambling, published by Bloomsbury. Henrietta Moraes has also been the subject of her exhibition, which closes 3 November (Marlborough Fine Art, London).

In the recent aftermath of September 11, Berger’s contribution to discussion (Guardian 25 October 2001) is important in terms of individual perception. Berger suggests a deeper understanding of what drives an individual to terrorism, in terms of personal despair, poverty and deprivation. That cannot be said for the leaders, but for the rank and file who embrace suicidal acts.

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