Published  05/01/2009

Evicting art and philosophy

The famous Roerich Museum in Moscow (dedicated to the 19th century life and philosophy of Nicholas Roerich) and opened in 1990 has been snatched, it seems, by the Federal Property Management Agency, unheeded by President Medvedev .It seems the state envies this prime site. Possibly also Roerich’s principal interest, a universal harmony combining Eastern spirituality and Western science is not favourably viewed nowadays in the Kremlin. The Soviet authorities as late as 1989 allocated the building to the public institute that the Roerich is, in which form the Roerich has survived. The Roerich had achieved their own restoration remarkably of this classical building, but it occupies a central Moscow site, which is therefore the subject of much envy in official circles. The forecasts for its survival are not good.

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