Published  16/10/2006

Graffers Grow Across Town

Graffiti artists play a vital role in humanising the more depressing landscapes of the transportation infrastructure of the M25 bounded metropolis. Surprisingly, they are predominantly white, since to be coloured is to be at risk from police engagement more than if you are white. Not many casualties actually occur, limbs torn off by unexpected trains or shock electrocutions - graffers stake out their sites for several weeks. The language is proud: 'bombing' means scrawling your name as many times as possible all over. A 'throw-up' is not just a chunder, but occurs when a name gets shortened. Disguise helps - like the special orange suits of railway workers. Only a few take the precaution to protect their lungs with masks. Gloves are mandatory - surgical or dishwashing will do. Time restricts the colour range in London usually to just black and white. The shape and form of the letters is defining. The advent of the London Olympics makes graffers think that they have entered an endgame. But have they? Ingenuity will somehow break through within the infrastructure - at a price.

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