Published  14/08/2002

Stonehenge rising

Australian architectural firm Denton Corker Marshall, originally of Melbourne but now well-established in London, will at last see their competition-winning design for the environs of Stonehenge get built. The target, for completion is to be 2008. The 7000-acre Stonehenge site will be backed by an ingenious scheme of subsidy to arable farmers to restore the land to grass, at 160 per acre. There will be hidden parking, a visitors centre and also shuttle transport for wheel-bound visitors to reach the site itself. Others may prefer to walk the enhanced and restored ground. The existing shacks will be demolished. There will also be hireable bicycles. But a possible stumbling block which could reduce the best-laid plans could, inevitably, rest upon arrangements for the existing A303 road, which still runs close past the monuments. Four tunnel options are now being considered. Meanwhile costs continue to rise — inexorably — yes Minister, threatening the present 57 million budget plan.

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