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Nico van der Endt interview: ‘Willem van Genk was a visionary, a man discovering a universal truth about the human species’
Willem van Genk: Mind Traffic, American Folk Art Museum, New York City, until 1 December 2014
Willem van Genk, one of the most fascinating outsider artists, is featured in a new exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum. Studio International talks with his longtime dealer, Nico van der Endt, for a personal view of the artist.
Jasper Johns: Regrets
Courtauld Gallery, London, until 14 December 2014
Jasper Johns’ new works at the Courtauld Gallery, Regrets, take inspiration from Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and the photographer John Deakin. The result is a powerful, if enigmatic exhibition.
Mwangi Hutter interview: ‘we are interested in personal and universal responsibility’
Berlin and Nairobi-based artist duo Mwangi Hutter talk about their work as a collaborative, how they work through ideas and some past and forthcoming projects.
Nadav Kander: interview
Nadav Kander: Dust, Flowers Gallery, London, until 11 October 2014
Nadav Kander is an award-winning photographer with an international reputation. Emily Spicer talked to Kander about his influences and what draws him to photograph the darker side of human experience.
Xavier Mascaró: interview
Xavier Mascaró: Departure, Saatchi Gallery, London, until 5 October 2014
Spanish sculptor Xavier Mascaró talks about his obsession with presence and absence in his work, how ancient cultures inspire him, and the laborious process involved in casting his monumental pieces by hand.
Sally Smart: interview
Sally Smart, known for her large-scale installations, talks about her recent project, The Pedagogical Puppet (2012), made during a residency at the University of Connecticut. Her Bauhaus-inspired work represents an independent artistic spirit in Australia, where she lives and works.
Vânia Mignone: interview
In this conversation with Studio International about her first retrospective, titled Scenarios, at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of São Paulo, the painter Vânia Mignone explains her creative process, discloses her major influences, and tells us how she incorporates elements from her daily routine into her visual compositions.
The Digital Revolution and the beginning of New Media Art
From the ICA’s landmark 1968 show Cybernetic Serendipity through Pac-Man and Mario Bros to the latest offering from Will.i.am, the Barbican’s interactive exhibition demonstrates how computers and technological development have changed the face of art
Folkestone Triennial
30 August – 2 November 2014
For the third edition of this bustling summer exhibition, curator Lewis Biggs has invited a selection of internationally renowned and local artists to produce 21 new artworks in response to specific sites across the town. Studio International went on a coastal tour and spoke to a number of those involved, both artists and organisers.
Ready or Not: 2014 New Jersey Arts Annual: Fine Art
In its Arts Annual: Fine Art, Newark Museum was true to its roots. A wide array of theses, media and materials by 40 culturally diverse local artists of all ages showed that the museum is sensitive to the times and the people it serves.
Katie Paterson: Earth-Moon-Earth (Moonlight Sonata Reflected from the Surface of the Moon)
Jupiter Artland, Wilkieston, Edinburgh, until 28 September 2014
Katie Paterson’s lunar meditation on music, technology and imperfection reassesses our place in the cosmos and how far art can extend our view.
Mark Soo interview: ‘The object of observation changes by being observed’
Multimedia artist Mark Soo tells A Will Brown about his interest in the interconnection of elements, how a work of art changes when a passerby looks at it, and how Detroit techno music led him to 19th-century paddlewheel steamships.
Deb Covell interview: ‘I want to show how far painting can be pushed’
Deb Covell has just completed a very full-on month-long residency, open studio and exhibition at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, but there is no time for a rest, as she is soon to be exhibiting in a group show in New York City. Fortunately, she managed to find time to answer Studio International’s questions.
Anne Graham: interview
Anne Graham talks to Janet McKenzie about her two exhibitions of sculpture in Sydney, which indicate the many layers of influence from her travels in Asia and residencies in China and Japan.
Retrospective Exhibition Constantin Meunier
Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels, until 11 January 2015
Constantin Meunier is now mostly remembered for his bronze statues of industrial workers, but this retrospective concentrates on 30 years’ worth of drawings, paintings and sketches that led up to his later career.
The Real Tudors: Kings and Queens Rediscovered
National Portrait Gallery, London, until 1 March 2015
The latest exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery seeks to strip back the layers of 16th-century portraiture to reveal the hidden secrets of the royal image in Tudor England.
David Hockney: The Arrival of Spring
Pace Gallery, New York City, until 1 November 2014
David Hockney’s drawings and prints of English wooded lawns and leafy alleys now on show at the Pace Gallery in New York City not only demonstrate his technical mastery but illustrate why he is eternally popular.
Arnulf Rainer: Retrospective
Albertina Museum, Vienna, until 6 January 2015
In a thrilling career-spanning retrospective, Arnulf Rainer proves that art can be revelatory through shock and humour, but we may not be comfortable with what it reveals.
Daniel Buren: Comme Un Jeu d’Enfant / Like Child’s Play, Work In Situ
Daniel Buren’s transformation of Strasbourg’s Musée d’Art Moderne et Comtemporain demonstrates his powerful use of colour. It is hard not to be moved by this meditative installation.
Christopher Le Brun: interview
Royal Academy president Christopher Le Brun has produced 33 new canvases for his solo show at Friedman Benda, his first in the US in 10 years. He talks about his move from mythological and symbolic imagery to abstraction, the source of his inspiration and his use of colours.
Agathe Sorel: interview
Agathe Sorel talks about her battle to get printmaking recognised in art colleges, her unconventional use of the engraved line, the influence of maths and science on her work – and being kicked out of photo shops.
Will Maclean and Marian Leven: interview
An Suileachan is an art project on the Isle of Lewis, by Will Maclean and Marian Leven, that reflects the historic land clearances there. Janet McKenzie spoke to them at the home they share in Tayport, Fife.
Maryam Najd: Accuracy & Balance – West
Famous for his interactive installations for public spaces, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer talks about his unusual path from physical chemistry graduate to artist, and the growing relationship between technology and artistic practice

Miguel Benavides: @Large: Ai Weiwei on #Alcatraz - through April 26, 2015. Raising questions about #freedom and #humanrights @for_site #aiww

Cindi Di Marzo: Making the Invisible, Visible: #WillemvanGenk Mapping of Modern Life, 8 October 7 pm @FolkArtMuseum. Read Studio interview: http://bit.ly/YJe98c

Natasha Kurchanova: #DavidHockney The Arrival of Spring @Pace Gallery NYC http://www.pacegallery.com/newyork/exhibitions/12687/the-arrival-of-spring

Emily Spicer: Just opened at @V_and_A: Constable: The Making of a Master http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/exhibition-constable-the-making-of-a-master/

Anna McNay: Congratulations to Rose Wylie for winning John Moores 2014. Watch her interview here with @MkPalomar @studiolatest http://www.studiointernational.com/index.php/rose-wylie-artist-interview-studio-kent

Anna McNay: Artists Anonymous will be @ 4th Mediations Biennale #Poznan from 21 Sept. @annamcnay spoke with them for @studiolatest: http://www.studiointernational.com/index.php/artists-anonymous-interview

Cindi Di Marzo: #WillemvanGenk Mind Traffic @FolkArtMuseum http://bit.ly/WTwZZg Coming soon: Studio interview with the artist's longtime dealer, #NicovanderEndt

Cindi Di Marzo: In her superb historical novel #TheWaywardMuse, #ElizabethHickey portrays #JaneMorris as iconic #PreRaphaelite beauty, http://bit.ly/1qXxwRS

ABA: Indian Govt choosing sculptor for world's largest statue, of Sardar Patel, needing 2500 tons of bronze, 597 ft. tall, cost $33M. 08/2014

ABA: #JasperJohns' 27-yr studio asst guilty of theft, sentenced to 3-4 years jail + 4M fine. 27/08/2014

A Native American Romantic in Modernist Clothing

George Morrison. Grey and Black Composition, 1960. Gouache on paper, 14 x 10 1/2 in. Collection Minnesota Museum of American Art. Gift of George Morrison.

Anishinaabe expressionist artist George Morrison (1919-2000) was born on the Grand Portage Indian Reservation in Minnesota, but his quest as an artist took him far, both literally – he  studied in France, Italy and Spain and at the Art Students League of New York, painted on Cape Code and taught at the Rhode Island School of Design – and figuratively – he became friends with Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning and other prominent action painters and abstract expressionists. While his aesthetic drew on their modernist vision, he embraced nature as his religion, inspired by the rocks, trees, woods and wide horizon surrounding his birthplace as well as his people’s legends. Modern Spirit: The Art of George Morrison, a touring retrospective of his exquisite paintings, elemental totemic sculpture, and drawings and prints, highlights the romantic, spiritual dimensions of his art.

National Museum of the American Indian, New York City, 24 October 2013 – 23 February 2014 and travelling to six museums during 2015. 

Phoenix: Xu Bing at the The Cathedral

Xu Bing. Phoenix, 2008-10. Composed of two birds, Feng and Huang, each weighing 12 tonnes and measuring 90 and 100 feet long. Photograph: Miguel Benavides.

Following its premiere outside his native China at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art last year, multimedia artist Xu Bing’s vast sculpture Phoenix (2008-2010), consisting of male and female bird figures built with cast-offs gleaned from urban construction sites in China, is coming to New York, where the birds will take flight from the nave of a towering Gothic Revival church on the city’s Upper West Side. Weighing 12 tonnes each, the two birds represent the dignity of migrant workers, the artefacts of their daily lives, and the growing divide between the material and the spiritual in his country.

Cathedral of St John the Divine, New York, 1 March 2014 – January 2015

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