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Vibha Galhotra: ‘I am a traveller, an observer of situations’
The New Delhi-based conceptual artist discusses the role of the environment in her practice, as well as the complex site-specific issues she chooses to explore.
Absur-City-Pity-Dity, Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, until 5 December 2015.
Mark Leckey: Dream English Kid 1964-1999AD
The Turner Prize-winner returns with a short film that sees him dig deeper in his exploration of British culture and the various youth subcultures that existed in the final 35 years of the 20th century.
Cabinet, London, until 19 December 2015.
The Body as Language: Women and Performance
This historically salient show, examining the birth and development of performance art in relation to gender, the body, language and the expression of the self, marks the 40th anniversary of a seminal book on the subject by Lea Vergine.
Kathy Hinde: ‘I’m really interested in combining visual art and music’
The audiovisual artist and composer talks about mixing up sound and art, working with a glassblower, a software programmer and scientists, and mapping bird flight and hidden Scottish burns.
Alice Cunningham: ‘The quarries were my biggest inspiration’
The artist talks about her experience of learning to work with marble from Michelangelo’s preferred quarry and her determination to remain sensitive to the form and the surface as a whole.
Clifford Ross: ‘I indulge in extreme photography’
He is always looking for the fullest expression of his conception and will follow it past any sane point, he says of his astonishingly ambitious exhibition, Landscape Seen & Imagined, now at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.
Ben Johnson: the making of Patio de los Arrayanes
We visited Ben Johnson in his west London studio over a 12-month period to film him working on a large painting based on the Patio de los Arrayanes (Court of the Myrtles) at the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. “I could carry on making paintings of the Alhambra, probably for the rest of my life,” says Johnson.
Kapwani Kiwanga: ‘It is always great to be true to yourself’
Kapwani Kiwanga has been named as the commissioned artist of the Focus Section at the Armory Show 2016, which looks at art from African perspectives. She currently has a solo show at the Galerie Jérôme Poggi in Paris. Here, she talks about how anthropology has informed her practice.
Danny Fox: ‘My whole approach to my work can change in a single drawing’
The artist talks about trying to give up drinking, why politicians should force us all to be vegan, getting black dots in his eyes when he visits galleries, and hating art shows.
As He Bowed His Head To Drink, Redfern Gallery, London, until 5 December 2015.
Cayce Zavaglia: ‘I have always wanted my work to be about the portrait and the process. I strive to keep these two aspects of painting in balance’
The artist talks about painting, embroidery, close relationships and how her studio practice develops through time.
Valera & Natasha Cherkashin: ‘There is no future without understanding our past and our present’
The Russian artist couple talk about the importance of history in their work and the beginnings and development of their multimedia art practice, encompassing photography, performance, video, digital art, painting and drawing.
Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015
Nineteen emerging artists respond to the demands of the digital age in this annual exhibition devoted to new photography, offering expanded possibilities for depicting the real, the remembered and the imagined.
Museum of Modern Art, New York, until 20 March 2016.
Balthus Retrospective
Marking the 15th anniversary of the death of one of the 20th century’s most enigmatic painters, this grand exhibition is showing around 200 works of art of Balthasar Klossowski de Role, known as Balthus.
Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome, until 31 January 2016.
Francisco Vidal: ‘It’s an artist’s role to dream’
The artist’s colourful paintings and his relaxed persona belie the inspiration behind his work. But while war and violent revolution lie at the heart of much of his art, so, too, do hope and a heartening optimism.
Tiwani Contemporary, London, until 19 December 2015.
Emily Jacir: Europa
For the first time in the UK, the artist is exhibiting her award-winning Material for a Film. Alongside this central work is nearly 20 years’ worth of sculpture, film, drawings, installations and photography.
Whitechapel Gallery, London, until 3 January 2016.
Sara VanDerBeek: Electric Prisms, Concrete Forms
As the artist returns for her third solo show at The Approach in London, she continues to create three-dimensional photographs, exploring the relationship between image and sculpture.
Dutch Design Week
This year’s Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven brought together established and up-and-coming designers, from around the world. They displayed a collaborative work ethic and a lively engagement with real-world issues, from the refugee crisis in Europe to social development in South-East Asia.
Jefford Horrigan: The Threshold, Own Worst Enemy
In the sitting room of a house in south London, Jefford Horrigan performed The Threshold, part of his trilogy Own Worst Enemy, commissioned by The Collective. This tenderly performed work was a masterpiece of alternative creativity.
The Collective: ‘You grieve for works of art when you don’t have them’
Paul and Midge Tanner, two of the founding members of The Collective, explain how and why they came to set up this collaborative art collectors’ organization.
Soaring Flight: Peter Lanyon’s Gliding Paintings
This tightly focused and coherent exhibition concentrates on the paintings the artist made in response to his experiences as a glider pilot from 1959 until his death five years later, following a bad landing.
The Courtauld Gallery, London, until 17 January 2016.
Hideyuki Katsumata: USO de HONTOU
In Dundee, a city known for its video game and comic book heritage, cult artist Hideyuki Katsumata is given his first UK exhibition, drawing crowds with his psychedelic surrealism and intriguing style.
Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre, until 15 November 2015.

Harriet Thorpe: For ball-pits, hot-tubs, massage-chairs and water-beds, visit Jon Rafman's exhibition at the #Zabludowicz in London until 20 December.

Kelly Robbins: In a new video by #MollyDavies, #PatSteir discusses her work while #painting in her Vermont studio. http://bit.ly/1P06gS3 #artist

Kelly Robbins: NYC-based artist #JoycePensato painting & dancing in her studio http://bit.ly/1RDeiju #contemporaryart #studiovisit #painting

Kelly Robbins: #GreaterNewYork opens this Sunday at #MoMA PS1 http://bit.ly/1NhoAY0

Anna McNay: Congratulations to @Emma_Art on being one of the 5 nominees for #MaxMaraArtPrize @_TheWhitechapel http://www.studiointernational.com/index.php/emma-hart-folkestone-triennial-interview

The Drawn Word: ‘Even if I write my name I am drawing’

The Drawn Word. Published by Studio International and the Studio Trust, 2014. Cover image: Will McLean. “All writing is drawing/ Method of Investigations”.


This publication focuses on explaining the relationship between writing and drawing; the ideas raised at the symposium are expanded and clarified, with the inclusion of artists’ and academics’ contributions from sources as diverse as Oxford professor emeritus Martin Kemp – who has written on the Leicester Codex by Leonardo da Vinci and Professor Asa Briggs (a leading British historian and a key code-breaker at Bletchley Park during the second world war) – who discusses, “Drawing as Code”.

The Drawn Word is the product of a research project funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council networking grant that explored the relationship between writing, drawing and literacy. As such it is a collaborative publication between Studio International, the University of the Arts London (UAL) and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT).

Editors: Professor Stephen Farthing RA and Dr Janet McKenzie
Publisher: Studio International and the Studio Trust, New York and London, 2014.
Content: 128 pages, full colour.
Language: English.
ISBN: 9780983259954 (Softcover).
Dimensions: 280 x 115 x 11 mm (11.0 x 8.7 x 7/16 in).
Price: UK £20, US $30, A $40.

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