Studio International

Published 01/07/1973

Studio International – July/August 1973

Volume 186 Number 957


The artist as an individual: the Artists’ Union in Holland/a discussion between Barry Martin and Bob Boneas

Nouns, gerunds, and participial adjectives: Emile de Antonio’s Painters painting/Mich Tuchmann

Directing the ICA: six paths to optimism/Peter Cook

William Turnbull – painter and sculptor/Bernard Cohen

17 Adolf Loos: the new vision/Joseph Rykwert

22  The work of Robert Young/Paul White

25  Gravity, Rodin, Degas/William Tucker

30  Pavel Filonov/John E. Bowlt

37  Review

49  Supplement Summer 1973: new and recent art books/ Cyril Barrett, Roger Cardinal, Timothy Craig, Toni Del Renzio, Andrew Dewdney, Cecilia Dresser, Andrew Forge, Rosemary Main, John Tagg, Frank Whitford

Editor/Peter Townsend
Managing Director/Brian Rushton
Assistant Editor/John McEwen
Assistant Editor (Production)/Irena Oliver
Editorial Secretary/Zabelle Stenton
Art Director/Tony Garrett
Advertisement Manager/Martin Rewcastle
Advertising assistant/Janine Szynkman
Contributing Editors/Dore Ashton (New York),
Jean Clay (Paris), Frank Whitford, Charles Harrison,
Tim Hilton

Editorial Advisory Committee:
J.P. Hodin (International relations)
Alan Bowness, Andrew Forge, David Thompson,
Joseph Rykwert, John Golding

Publishers/Michael Spens, D. Thomas Bergen (USA)
US Advertisement Representative/Paul Shanley