Studio International

Published 01/02/1969

Studio International – February 1969

Volume 177 Number 908


58  Bryan Robertson’s achievement at the Whitechapel/Maurice de Sausmarez

59  The Whitechapel’s future/Mark Glazebrook

61  Sculpture and reality/Garth Evans

63  Correspondence

63  News

65  A proposal to provide studio workshops for artists

69  René Magritte and André Breton/Simon Watson Taylor

70  René Magritte: Magritte's breadth of vision/André Breton

74  An interview with Rene Magritte/Paul Schwartz

76  Yves Gaucher/David Silcox

78  Ian Hamilton Finlay: ‘The structure of a poetic universe’/Stephen Bann

82  The Corcoran Gallery ­– Dupont Center/Nina Osnos

84  Germany: The New Objectivity/Robert Kudielka

90  London commentary/Joseph Masheck, Frank Whitford

93  New York commentary/Dore Ashton

96  Towards a definition of American football uniforms/Peter Plagens

98  On exhibition

Editor/Peter Townsend
Assistant Editor/Charles Harrison
Editorial Assistant/Elizabeth White
Advertising & Publicity Manager/Benson Zonena
Advertising Assistant/Anthony Collins
Contributing Editors/Dore Ashton (New York),
Jean Clay (Paris), Frank Whitford (Berlin)

Editorial Advisory Committee:
J.P. Hodin (International relations)
Alan Bowness, Andrew Forge, David Thompson

International Advisory Panel:
Argentina: Jorge Romero Brest
Austria: Dr Werner Hofmann
Belgium: Michael Seuphor
Brazil: Mario Pedrosa
France: Jacques Lassaigne
Germany: Dr Werner Schmalenbach
Holland: Prof. A. M. Hammacher
Israel: Haim Gamzu
Italy: Prof. G. C. Argan
Japan: Shuzo Takiguchi
Scandinavia: Leif Ostby
Spain: Alejandro Cirici-Pellicer
Switzerland: Dr Carola Giedion-Welcker
U.S.A.: Thomas M. Messer, J.J. Sweeney
Yugoslavia: Aleksa Celebonovic