Studio International

Published 04/10/2001

Risen Christ – spent force?

Michelangelo’s drawing ‘Study for the risen Christ’, has been suspended from export following arts minister Baroness Blackstone’s order, for a period until just before Christmas. Scotland’s National Galleries (Director-General Timothy Clifford) are believed to be the force behind this move. They need time to raise the 8.1 million to acquire the work from a German-based dealer, who in turn acquired it through Christies from the late Sir Brinsley Ford. But it is known that Edinburgh has already so far failed to raise half of the 5.9 million required to acquire another Michelangelo drawing that was discovered at Castle Howard recently, and offered for sale. Despite the support of the Art Fund, it looks sadly as if Britain will loose not one but two Michelangelo drawings in one year.