Studio International

Published 02/08/2007

Six new works will be launched by Sir Anthony Caro this autumn, not this time at Venice where the Gondoliers once parodied his work outside Harry's Bar (some years back it must be said). Five of these are typically large, and one is relatively small. It has to be remembered that Caro is 83, and since his Tate retrospective has been in ever more competitive mood. Then there is the private commission for the Chapel of Light at the Church of St Jean Baptiste, Bourbourg, Northern France. But this is distinctive again from the five large new works, which involve mixed media of iron and steel unified by a galvanising process, and Caro is sold now on that. The new pieces will all be displayed at the Annely Juda Gallery in the autumn. Some of these 5 metre long pieces are also partly painted an engaging bottle green, and yellow. Let's not forget it was a yellow sculpture that set off the Venetian Gondoliers in that distant heyday. There is Yves Klein Blue, and surely now Caro Yellow.