Studio International

Published 28/08/2008

Now that we are in Britain in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics, the presence of the 'broken' logo will abound and develop innumerable variants. Colliding and colluding wherever possible with the Union Flag, the £400,000 item designed originally by graphic consultants Wolff Olins in 2006-07 will become a familiar piece of our Olympic landscape, 'evolving' as the designers claim, and as Coe himself has said, continuing to express the 'vitality' of the 'brand', 'edgy' he pronounced. As Stephen Bayley, a well-respected design guru had commented, 'If there are any expectations, they are of Dome-style organised calamity.' Originally, too, the animated version of this aberration was discovered to trigger epileptic fits. Let us hope that there is still time to engineer some serious revisions. Boris, help your citizens.