Studio International

Published 10/07/2016

Claire Shea: ‘We were really keen to look at an expanded definition of sculpture’

Studio International spoke to the foundation’s curatorial director, Claire Shea, about the concepts behind its first international group exhibition, comparing the differing landscape aesthetics and exploring the wider socio-political context in which the artists are working.


With the title and premise, A Beautiful Disorder, taken from a quote by the artist and Jesuit missionary to China Jean-Denis Attiret in 1743, referencing the stylistic differences between English and Chinese gardens, the Cass Sculpture Foundation has brought together 16 contemporary Chinese sculptors to form an ambitious exhibition, with works ranging from bronze, steel, stone and wood to installation and film.

A Beautiful Disorder
Cass Sculpture Foundation, West Sussex
3 July – 6 November 2016

Interview by ANNA McNAY