Studio International

Published 05/11/2001

Sir Anthony Caro does have independence of mind: he has stoically resisted the blandishments of the Royal Academy, an accolade that most of his distinguished contemporaries have felt unable to resist. Caro’s exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (opened 26 September) reveals a concern with the figurative in sculpture, largely absent from Caro’s work for so long, which demonstrates that his work is still evolving. Long ago in Venice, Caro’s work was subject to a major exhibition; brilliant yellow constructions sparkled in Venetian spaces. One particularly challenging piece was positioned close to Harry’s Bar. Within sight, a second yellow piece sprang up, this time having a more impromptu feel about it, using ropes, boxes and planks. ‘Quello e Caro ma’ quisto e piu Caro’ the gondoliers had written beside their own challenging, sculptural statement about fine art values for contemporary art.