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Esther Teichmann. Photos © Esther Teichmann David Blandy. Photo: Claire Barrett. Yuko Hasegawa, artistic director at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. Ann Thomson, January 2020. Photo courtesy Mitchell Fine Art. Ilona Szalay. Tank Top, 2020. Oil on aluminium, 100 x 150 cm. © the artist. Anthony Whishaw RA, Works on Paper, Beam Editions, 2020. Hetain Patel. Photo courtesy Hetain Patel. Clae Eastgate. Photo © Clae Eastgate. Matthew Burrows. David Downes. Photo: John Milne. Heather Peak Morison and Ivan Winston Morison. Photo: Stephen King. Tom de Freston. Mark Titchner. Photo: Simon Webb. Slime Engine. Headlines, A Good Outbreak, 2020. Christo in his studio with a preparatory drawing for The Mastaba, 2012. Photo: Wolfgang Volz. © 2012 Christo. Lonnie Holley. Photo: © Tamir Kalifa. Ernest Edmonds, H Space, 2020. Distributed AR interactive installation. Sydney, communicating with Guangzhou. Photo: Ernest Edmonds. Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art facade. Photo: Koroda Takeru. Ken Done. © the artist. Robert Fitzmaurice and a visualisation of The Deity at Sandham Memorial Chapel. © the artist. Nanda Vigo speaking to Studio International in Milan, 4 September 2014. Photo: Martin Kennedy. Hilarie Mais. Photo: Val Wens. Uffizi, Florence, website homepage, screenshot captured 15 May 2020. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg. Domestic Bliss, installation view, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow. Photo: Ruth Clark. John Newling in his studio. Courtesy the artist. Still from Give us a meow, 2019, HD video by Ben Toms and Urara Tsuchiya, 9 mins 3 secs. Helen Cammock. Photo: Alun Callender. Nicolaes Maes, Girl at a Window, 1653–5. Oil on canvas, 123 × 96 cm. Loan from the Rijksmuseum. © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Helaine Blumenfeld, 2020. Photo © Sean Pollock.

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